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One year since the Nepal earthquakes where thousands died and hundreds were paralysed

Today is the first anniversary of the devastating earthquakes in Nepal where nearly 9,000 people died in the two earthquakes that struck the country.

The international media focus afterwards was on those people who died.

Unfortunately however over 22,000 were injured in the same disaster with over 400 people instantly paralysed through spinal cord injury (SCI).

No healthcare system in the world would be able to cater for the needs of so many SCI people instantly needing support; let alone one in a developing country.

Spinal cord injury not only causes paralysis of limbs but also affects the ability to control bladder and bowel function.

SPIRIT provides grants for doctors and other healthcare professionals to travel to the UK and to learn about our spinal cord injury centre service and learn new skills.

One year on from the earthquakes, SPIRIT remembers all those affected by spinal cord injury in Nepal and wishes them well.

For further information follow this link to the BBC News website.

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